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Double Side silver ring Aegishjalmur Vegvisir


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 Double Side silver ring Aegishjalmur Vegvisir

💎Authentic Viking magical runic symbols for strength and protection, and safe guidance

💎Representing the ravens of Odin
💎Authentic Norse design style
💎Crafted with attention to detail

💎Quater sizes available on demand

What does this jewelry represent ?

The runes were more than just a script to the Vikings.

They thought that as well as representing objects and ideas, they could also be used to make objects and ideas real.

Icelandic grimoires from the 17th century provide examples of how the Vikings created runic symbols with magical potency.

Two of the most popular symbols were Aegishjalmur and Vegvisir, both of which appear on this reversible sterling silver ring.

Aegishjalmur, also known as the Helm of Awe, featured eight identical runic staves projecting out from a central point.

This symbol was believed to provide both protection and strength in battle.

Viking warriors would draw the symbol on their forehead before going into battle.

The similar looking symbol Vegvisir was invoked by travellers for guidance.

It was believed that a traveller using this symbol would always be able to find their way to their destination, whether this be a physical location or a spiritual goal.

Invoke both of these powerful Viking magical runes in your own life with this stylish reversible ring.


Color : Silver Sterling 925Weight : 0.91oz or 26g

Materials : 925 Sterling Silver

Made In Ukraine