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Scandinavian Ear Spoon Pendant from Birka

Scandinavian Ear Spoon Pendant from Birka

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Scandinavian Ear Spoon Pendant from Birka


✔ Authentic Scandinavian Ear Spoon Pendant from Birka, exquisitely crafted to reflect the designs of the Viking Age.
✔ A symbol of personal hygiene intertwined with spiritual beliefs, inspired by the genuine artifact discovered in Birka (Björkö), Sweden.
✔ Embrace the essence of Scandinavian traditions, daily practices, and the rich tapestry of Viking mythology.
✔ Handmade with meticulous attention to detail, showcasing anthropomorphic figures that echo the legends of the Norse pantheon.

What does this jewelry represent ?

The Scandinavian Ear Spoon Pendant from Birka is not just a piece of jewelry; it's a narrative of the Vikings' daily life and their deep-rooted beliefs. Originating from the 10th century, this finely decorated, spoon-shaped pendant served a dual purpose. While primarily a tool for personal hygiene, its intricate designs also speak of the spiritual and mythological significance it held for its owner.

Unearthed from the historic site of Birka (Björkö) in Sweden, a place renowned for its rich Viking heritage, this pendant stands out among similar finds due to its unique handle

. The handle is adorned with two anthropomorphic figures, one of which is reminiscent of the Goddess Freya, a central figure in Norse mythology known for her beauty, love, and fertility. This suggests that the pendant was not just a utilitarian object but also a protective amulet or a symbol of devotion.

The Vikings, known for their seafaring adventures and warrior spirit, were also a people deeply connected to their gods and legends. This pendant, with its dual functionality, showcases their ability to intertwine daily routines with spiritual practices.

The presence of a figure resembling Freya indicates the wearer's reverence for the goddess, seeking her blessings and protection.

Crafted by hand from bronze, the Scandinavian Ear Spoon Pendant from Birka is a testament to the Vikings' unparalleled craftsmanship. Every detail, from the shape of the spoon to the intricate designs on the handle, has been fashioned with precision, making it a true masterpiece.

Wearing this pendant is not just about making a style statement; it's about connecting with an era where practicality met spirituality, where daily routines were infused with mythological significance. It's a celebration of Viking artistry, their daily practices, and their profound connection to the gods they revered.

In essence, the Scandinavian Ear Spoon Pendant from Birka is a harmonious blend of function, art, and belief. Adorn yourself with this piece and carry with you the spirit of the Vikings, their daily rituals, and their deep-seated reverence for the divine.

Measures : 6.5 x 1.3 cm (without the ring).


Made in Spain

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