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Shieldmaiden Bear Claw Sterling Silver Ring


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💎Distinctive animal style with authentic Norse-style patterning
💎Designed for modern data Viking shieldmaidens
💎Inspired by the bear, sacred to Viking warriors, especially the Berserkers
💎Top-quality craftsmanship and materials

What does this jewelry represent ?

Among the Vikings, women were just as ferocious as men.

While few would have gone raiding or joined the men in battle, they were charged with running and protecting the home, which often meant fighting to keep what was theirs.

The bear was sacred to Viking warriors, as it was an ultimate symbol of courage and strength.

This is why Berserker warriors would commune with the spirit of the bear to gain its ferocity before going into battle.

Viking shieldmaidens would also have respected the spirit of the bear.

This intricately designed ring features a bear claw worthy of any modern-day Viking shieldmaiden. 


Color : Silver  Weight : 3g

Materials : 925 Sterling Silver

Made In Ukraine