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Silver Aegishjalmur Stone pendant

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🗡Made from Italian bronze which is nickel, cadmium and lead free

🗡This pendant is sold alone but leather cords are also available from us

🗡Strong materials mean this pendant will last a lifetime

The Helm of Awe is one of the most striking of Viking symbols. It means protection, you can see the eight arms radiating from a central point, as if their main task is to keep the center safe. If a Viking had this on his person, be that in the form of jewelry or as a tattoo, he knew that he was protected from anything life threw at him.

Made from stone, this pendant will be your way to protect yourself against things you’re battling with in your modern-day life. Call upon the old ways of the Norse to help you through these troubled times; the Helm of Awe has your back. 

Color : Silver   Weight : 0.85oz or 24,0 g   Size :1,22" х 0,91" or 3.7cm x 2,3cm 

Materials : 925 Sterling Silver

Made In Ukraine