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Silver Berserker Bear Torc

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🗡Viking symbol of strength and courage linked with the berserker warriors

🗡Genuine Viking design

🗡Sized to best-fit wrists measuring 6 to 8 inches in size

While all Viking warriors were strong and brave, the most fearsome among them were the Berserkers.

Before battle, these warriors would work themselves into a frenzy, invoking the spirit of the bear, enabling them to fight like brutal animals on the battlefield.

Going berserk allowed them to dig into reserves of strength and courage that were otherwise unknown.

This traditional Viking style arm ring invokes the legacy of the berserkers, combining traditional Norse geometric designs with two bear heads.

It is a potent symbol of inner strength and courage, and an allegiance to the Viking warrior way of life. 

Color : Sterling Silver 925Closure : Open  Weight : 3,45oz or 98g 

Size : Slightly adjustable, suitable for wrist circumferences between 16 - 21 cm

Materials : Silver Sterling 925

Made In Ukraine