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Silver Dragon's Cuff

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This product is made on demand, wich implies a delay of 2 to 7 working days for crafting before shipment

This product also exists in Bronze

💎Meticulous details worked by hand
💎Perfect weight for everyday wear
💎Represents an important aspect of authentic Nordic mythology
💎Control and finishing by our expert craftsman
💎Made with quality materials and construction that will last

What does this jewelry represent ?

Silver Dragon's Cuff : This thin bangle is a good way to express your interest in the Viking era without it being over the top.

Made from 925 sterling silver, you’ll see two dragon heads at both openings, with some simplistic knotwork covering the rest of the cuff.

Dragons are mentioned throughout Viking mythology, with Níðhöggr being the most infamous.

This dragon is said to gnaw at the roots of Yggdrasil, the World Tree.

Because of this, dragons didn’t have the best reputation among our Norse ancestors, but you can turn that around with this cuff. 

Color : Silver  Weight : 1.76 oz or 32,0 g   Size : One size Adjustable between 16 and 21 cm 

Materials : 925 Sterling Silver

Made In Ukraine