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Silver Sterling Berzerker Paw Pendant


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💎Striking animal paw with distinctive Viking patterning
💎Inspired by the Berserker warriors of Viking legend
💎Suitable for chains up to 4mm thick
💎Fine and detailed craftsmenship
💎Best-quality materials for durability

Pendant sold alone, perfect fit with :

➡Genuine Leather Cord : Here

➡Fine Sterling Silver Chain : Here

What does this jewelry represent ?

This is our Berzerker Paw silver pendant also available in Bronze. It represent the spirit of the bear used by viking warriors.

In modern English, to go berserk means to transform, to find a courage, strength and energy that we usually lack.

This is exactly what the Viking berserker warriors did.

Before a battle these fearsome warriors would commune with the spirit on the bear, working themselves into a frenzy to take on the strength and ferociousness of the animal.

This was considered a kind of magic, and as well as giving the warrior strength and courage, it was thought to leave them impervious to steel and fire.

While we may rarely be called on to take up arms on the battlefield, we often need to find a bottomless source of strength and courage to take on the challenges of life.

Channel the transformational power of the berserker with this stunning sterling silver berserker bear pendant. Perfect for any female Viking. 

Color : Silver   Weight : 7 g   Size : 1-3/16" (30mm) in diameter

Materials : Sterling Silver 925