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Silver Sterling Drakkar Pendant Earrings

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šŸ—”Invoke the Viking culture and spirit

šŸ—”Distinctive and unique design

šŸ—”Intricate detail

šŸ—”Made from genuine Sterling Silver 925

šŸ—”Size: 0.66ā€ or 1.7cm per earringĀ 

Seeing the sails of a Viking ship on the horizon put cold fear into the hearts of the Norsemen's neighbours and enemies.

Sometimes the Vikings would decorate their ships like dragons, so when they arrived off the coast for a raid, it would appear like a weyr of dragons where descending on the land.

These ships were known as Drakkar.

But to the Vikings, their ships were much more than just instruments of terror. Sailing was a way of life.

The Viking long ships carried warriors, but also explorers.

It was the superior technology of the Viking long ships that allowed them to land in North American hundreds of years before their European brothers.

Ships were so fundamental that Vikings who could afford it had themselves buried in ships, or in rock structures designed to look like ships.

Thus, the Viking ship represents the Viking warrior, but also the Norse adventurer and Viking culture.

Mark yourself as a follower of these values with these sterling silver Drakkar earrings. Sail on the winds of fate like our Viking ancestors.Ā 

The quality materials and workmanship ensure durabilityĀ 

ColorĀ : SilverĀ  Ā Ā  Ā 

SizeĀ : approx. 1/2" (13mm) long not including the earwires by 5/16" (8mm) at widest point

MaterialsĀ :Ā Sterling Silver 925