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Silver Sterling Wolf Head Earrings


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💎Distinctive animal symbolism
💎Linked with Norse ideas of power, chaos and loyalty
💎Distinctly Nordic Design
💎Highly detailed design made by top craftsmen

Perfect fit with :

 ➡ Wolf Amulet

What does this jewelry represent ?

Wolves were complicated beasts among the Vikings. They represented chaos and destruction, but also strength and loyalty.

The most famous wolf from Norse mythology was Fenrir, the giant wolf that is destined to devour Odin himself and much of the Norse cosmos during Ragnarok.

He represented such a dangerous chaotic force that the Aesir gods chained him up on a deserted island with magical chains made by the dwarves, the only thing strong enough in the Norse universe to hold him. When he breaks his chains, the end of the world is nigh.

But, while Odin is destined to be devoured by the wolf Fenrir, he is also accompanied on his travels by two wolves, Geri (ravenous) and Freki (greedy).

While these wolves did not represent the best attributes of the god, who was ravenous for wisdom and would sacrifice anything to acquire it, they were also his loyal companions. Wolves, as they travelled in packs, have often been associated with ideas of loyalty.

Thus, for the Vikings, wolves were a complex symbol. They represented dangerous and chaotic forces, but forces that are also our constant companions.

These forces need to be respected, and a balance reached with them in order to thrive.

These distinctive sterling silver Viking wolf earrings are perfect for a Viking warrioress with a complex, powerful and volatile personality, which can bring them immense strength if properly managed.

Color : Silver      Size : The front measures approx. 1/2" (12mm) long by 3/8" (10mm) at widest point.

Materials : Sterling Silver 925