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Silver Sterling Yggdrasil Earrings

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šŸ—”Made from Sterling Silver 925

šŸ—”Size: 0.66ā€ or 1.7cm per earring

šŸ—”Immediately brings a Viking style

šŸ—”Quality materials and construction provide lasting durabi

šŸ—”Finest CastĀ 

This our famous Yggdrasil earrings from the 9 worlds in Norse Mythology.
The Tree of Life, also known as Yggdrasil, is a mythical ash tree which features heavily in old Norse mythology.

It connects the Nine Worlds to each other and is central to their belief system.

The branches extend far into the heavens, with it being said that the gods visit Yggdrasil every day to gather their things and hold meetings.

These days, Yggdrasil is still a symbol of life, but it seems to resonate more with mothers.
Women who have given birth have sustained life, therefore the Tree of Life is symbolic of their journey into motherhood.

The quality materials and construction provide durabilityĀ 

ColorĀ : SilverĀ  Ā Ā  Ā SizeĀ : 0,66" or 1,7 cm

MaterialsĀ :Ā Sterling Silver 925