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Silver Thor Hammer Pendant

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🗡 Potent Viking symbol of strength, courage and protection

🗡 Handcrafted by expert craftsmen

🗡 Ornamental pendant of high-quality 925 sterling silver 

🗡 Delivered in a neat gift box

This product also exists in Bronze

Mjolnir, Thor’s Hammer, was the most important symbol of strength and protection among the Vikings.

It was still worn by Vikings long into the Christian period as a symbol of their commitment to the old religion.

It suggests that for the Vikings, Thor was the strongest antidote to the growing influence of Christ.

Mjolnir was a symbol of protection, as Thor used it to protect the order of the Norse cosmos against the chaotic forces of the giants.

This pendant is a little special as it features two serpent heads at its base.

This is a reference to Jormungandr, the Midgard Serpent, Thor's ultimate nemesis

It is prophesied that the two will do battle during Ragnarok, and while Thor will slay the serpent, it will spew so much poison onto the god that he will die also, along with the entire Norse universe.

Therefore, this Mjolnir is not only a symbol of Thor’s strength, but his bravery, and his willingness to take on his foes even in the face of certain death.

So, it is a symbol not only of strength and protection, but deep courage.

Invoke these trains within yourself with this finely crafted and distinctive sterling silver pendant with traditional leather cord included.


Color : Silver   Weight : 0.85 oz or 24 g  

Size : Medium 1,5" х 1.18" or 3,8 x 3,0 cm 

Size : Large 1,96" х 1.5" or 5,0 cm x 3,8 cm

Materials : 925 Sterling Silver

Made In Ukraine

 Leather cord with silver sterling clasp offered by vkng