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Silver Triskelion Knot Bangle

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💎Across the Viking and Celtic worlds.
💎Perfect weight for everyday wear
💎Control and finishing by our expert craftsman
💎Made with quality materials and construction that will last

What does this jewelry represent ?

Arm rings or bangles were a piece of jewelry favored by the Vikings.

They are found throughout the archaeological record and are often mentioned in the sagas.

As well as being a status symbol, they were also worn as a source of currency.

The Vikings would chip off chunks of silver to pay for certain items.

This Viking inspired silver bangle features the triskelion, a symbol across the Viking and Celtic worlds.

Its meaning is unknown, but it was a common motif in Viking art.

This striking bangle imitates traditional Viking style and makes the perfect addition to the look of any modern-day Viking.

Color : Silver   Weight :22g Size :  Bangle width about 3/8" (10mm), Bangle diameter: 2" (5cm) (opening adjustable), Circumference: 7" (about 17-18cm)

Materials : 925 sterling silver