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Silver Vargkors Pendant

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🗡Durable materials which ensure years of use in all conditions.

🗡To spice up your outfits with its distinctive style.

🗡Inspired by powerful mythical beasts

🗡Serves as protection from spiritual and physical forces

This product also exists in Bronze

 Leather cord with silver sterling clasp offered by vkng  

The Silver Vargkors Pendant is a great piece that represents the Old Norse religion developed from early Germanic religion entailing a belief in various gods and goddesses.

Norse mythology divided this deity into two groups, the Vanir and the Esir, who engaged in an ancient war until realizing that they were equally compelling.

Sometimes described as "wolf cross," it could be interpreted both as a Christian cross and as a heathen Thor's hammer.

With the ornament around your neck, you will depict courage, confidence, and wisdom.

These traits are essential cornerstones of the Vikings culture.

It also pays tribute to Thor's greatness as the pendant graces your neck. 


Color : Silver   Weight : 23g   Size :4,4cm x 2,5cm

Materials : 925 Sterling Silver

Made In Ukraine