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Silver Viking Bead Pendant

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🗡 They stand for object and actions

🗡 Each bead is multi-faced

🗡 They can be used in beards, hair or put on necklaces or charms

🗡 Display of wealth and authority

🗡 Intricate detail synonymous with Viking Art

 Leather cord with silver sterling clasp offered by vkng  

Norse mythology is famous for its portrayal of incredible power and connection to nature.

The Silver Viking Pendant serves as the tools which unlock the mysteries of the universe for those who understand them.

Used in meditation and healing, as well as magic and divination.

Viking men love to adorn their hair and their beards with beads, made of either glass or metal retaining the authenticity of the original alphabet that depicts truly ancient craftsmanship.

What may appear to be nothing at first glance can become important in a short time, they represent the strength of the gods.

When worn, the pendant displays unlimited power and wisdom.

Make this handcrafted ornament a part of your collection.

It will make you feel confident as it neutralizes adverse effects and offers vital energy.  

Color : Silver   Weight : 1.05oz or 30g   

Size :1.1" х 0.59" x 0.59_ or 2,8cm x 1,5cm x 1,5cm

Materials : 925 Sterling Silver

Made In Ukraine