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Sleipnir Mammen Ornament Bronze Ring


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This product also exists in sterling silver

This product also exists in Gold

💎 Sleipnir, the steed of Odin
💎 An impossible being that shows that nothing is truly impossible
💎 Authentic Viking period design
💎 Expert craftsmanship
What does this jewelry represent?

Sleipnir, the steed of the god Odin, is an impossible being from Norse mythology.

Loki is the mother of Sleipnir, who as part of one of his tricks took on the form of a mare. He mated with a mighty stallion, and Sleipnir was the product.

The impossible offspring had eight legs, which allowed him to move between the nine worlds of the Norse cosmos with ease.

For the Vikings, Sleipnir represented the idea that nothing in life is truly impossible.

This bronze signet ring shows a genuine Viking representation of Sleipnir. The band is decorated in the interlocking Mammen artistic style that was popular in Denmark in the 10th century. 

Color : Bronze  Weight : 14g


Materials : Bronze

Made In Ukraine