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Sowilo Rune Forged Pendant


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Sowilo Rune Forged Pendant

💎 Sowilo Rune, associated with the Sun and our power to find the positive
💎 Crafted in iron for protection
💎 Galdr sang to imbue the pendant with the power of the rune
💎 Made by expert craftsmen using traditional Viking methods

What does this jewelry represent?

The Vikings believed that their runes were more than just an alphabet. The runes also had the power to shape the world - the Norns, the Norse fates, used the runes to write the destiny of me.

The Vikings would often use runes inscribed onto objects, such as amulets, to invoke their power.

This iron amulet features the Sowilo rune, which represents the Sun. As well as signifying this powerful life force, the rune represents our personal ability to find light in the darkness and look for the possibilities in the hardest challenges.

Our craftsman creates each of these iron pieces by hand, singing a Galdr, a type of throat song commonly sung during Norse rites, to invoke the power of the rune and imbue it within his creation. Iron provides protection against malevolent forces.

Color : Iron Weight : 19g  Size : 3 x 2 cm

Materials : iron

Made In France