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Sword Ulfberht Sterling Silver Pendant


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Sword Ulfberht Sterling Silver Pendant

💎 Symbol of the successful warrior
💎 Ulfbert swords were the most desirable weapon in the Viking period
💎 Warrior buried with broken swords
💎 Handmade in sterling silver

Pendant sold separately, perfect with:

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What does this jewelry represent?

Swords were prestige weapons among the Vikings. They were very expensive to make, so only the most successful warriors, with many raids under their belts, could afford to carry a sword into battle.

Of all the swords available, the Ulfbert was considered the best. The name was inscribed in the blade as a sign of quality,

Warriors were often buried with their swords, as it was believed that they would need them when called on to fight again alongside the gods. But to discourage grave robbing, the Vikings would break the blade of the sword before burying it.

This sterling silver necklace is the perfect symbol for a conquering Viking warrior, who is already making a success of life, but also preparing for future challenges.

Color : Silver   Weight : 19 g   Size : 4.2cm x 2,3cm

Materials : Sterling Silver 925

 Made in Ukraine