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The Ring Of The Noble One

The Ring Of The Noble One

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  • Emblem of Truth: The Latin inscription "custōs vēritātis" (guardian of truth) on the ring represents a commitment to truth and the preservation of historical accuracy, making it a symbol of honesty and integrity.
  • Connections to Freedom: The design of the Wings of Freedom on the ring symbolizes the freedom to speak up and defend what is right, fostering a sense of individuality and liberty.
  • Unique and Recognizable: Wearing this ring allows you to instantly connect with individuals who share your values of truth and freedom, creating a sense of camaraderie and recognition among nobles.
  • Elegant Knightly Design: The shield-shaped center of the ring, inspired by knightly shields from the late Middle Ages, adds a touch of historical elegance to your attire, making it a fashionable accessory with a meaningful message.
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Description : What does this product represent?

Design Collaboration: V.K.N.G. Jewelry and Metatron's YouTube Channel

Hello noble ones! I am excited to present to you the one and only RING OF THE NOBLE ONE.

This is an exclusive collaboration between V.K.N.G. Jewelry and my YouTube channel Metatron.

This ring was entirely designed by me, and reflects everything I stand for on my platform, and everything WE stand for.

The Latin reads: custōs vēritātis which means guardian of truth.

If you stand for the truth, and believe that preserving the truth of historical events unaltered for modern sensitivities is the most important thing, then this ring is perfect for you.

The wings on the side are The Wings of Freedom, which are a recurring image at the end of every video on my channel.

They are also a figurative connection to the wings of the angel Metatron, the scribe that records the deeds of mankind.

Finally, The Shield. The shield is the center of the ring.

Among all other parts of protective equipment of the knight, the shield is the one that is used actively. It guards you based on your will to defend what's right.

The shape we chose is specifically based on knightly shields of the late Medieval period, often associated with the joust, but also seen on battlefield iconography.

I will be wearing this ring everywhere I go. Available in the noble metal silver, and in the classical metal bronze, the ring is perfect to connect us all.

If you are a noble one, show it! If you ever meet another noble one at a cinema, leisure center, university, or workplace, you'll immediately know.

Also if I run into any of you, I'll also know you are a noble one at first glance. This was the result of months of design, work, and discussion.

Be one of us! Stand for truth and freedom!


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Platinium and 10K gold possible on demand (contact us :

Materials Available: Gold 14k / 18k (19-21g), Sterling Silver (14.5-15), Silver Sterling Rhodium Plating (14.5-15), Bronze (14.5-15)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Jake H.

Very precise details and it feels sturdy.

Jake H.

Very precise details and it feels sturdy.

Luka R.

Awesome craftsmenship, awesome communication, and support along the way. Recomend VKNG to every history buff out there!

Luka R.

Awesome craftsmenship, awesome communication, and support along the way. Recomend VKNG to every history buff out there!

Wolfgang K.

Great ring, awesome quality.
Fitting jewelry for a great content creator

Handmade Craftsmanship

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