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Thor Statuette Bronze


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Thor Statuette Bronze

💎 Thor, god of thunder and protective deity
💎 Carries Mjolnir, potent symbol of protection
💎 Ideal warrior to which all Vikings aspired
💎 Handcrafted in fine bronze

What does this figurine represent?

Thor was considered the strongest of all the gods and was therefore responsible for protecting Midgard and Asgard from the threat of the giants.

For this purpose, he used his hammer Mjolnir, which became a potent symbol of protection among the Vikings. It was the symbol most commonly worn by the Vikings for protection.

This Thor figurine is the perfect piece for your mantlepiece or your Asatru altar.

It shows Thor as the ideal Viking warrior, carrying his hammer marked with the rune for his name. On his chest he wears the triskelion, a sacred magical Norse symbol.

Color : Bronze  Weight : 6.3oz or 178g  Size :  5,7cm x 4,0cm x 3,0cm

Materials : Bronze

Made in Ukraine