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Thor Hammer Norse Skull Sterling Silver Ring

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🗡Authentic amulet symbol popular among the Vikings

🗡Symbol of protection and allegiance to the old ways

🗡Striking and noticeable design that makes a statement

🗡Made by expert craftsmen using the best materials


Any Viking fan will know that Thor's hammer was the most popular amulet symbol worn by the Vikings.

Mjolnir, the weapon of the protector god Thor, was considered a potent symbol of protection.

It was also one of the few Viking symbols still commonly used in the Christian period, probably to show a continued allegiance to the old ways.

If you are looking for your own amulet of protection and "Vikingness", but also want something distinctive and different, look no further than this Mjolnir ring.

Chunky and noticeable, it is made from oxidized silver and features a detailed skull on the head of the axe.

Far from being morbid, the skull represents the fact that a true Viking warrior did not fear death.

To die bravely in battle was the ultimate goal of every warrior.

It meant that they would be taken to Valhalla to live in a warrior's paradise, until they were called on to fight alongside the gods in the final battle of Ragnarok.

Make a dramatic statement with his striking piece.


Color : Silver  Weight : 10,0 g Size : Frontal Width approx. 7/8" (22mm)

Materials : Sterling Silver 925