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Thor's Goat Tanngrisnir Bronze Ring


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This product is made on demand, wich implies a delay of 7/10 working days for crafting before shipment

This product also exists in Sterling Silver 925

💎Goat of Thor
💎Premium Bronze
💎Extremely comfortable
💎Crafted with attention to detail


What does this jewelry represent ?

Thor's Goat Tanngrisnir Bronze Ring is made from Italian bronze, this impressive ring will show off your interests in the Viking era.

Tanngrisnir, whose name means “teeth-snarler”, was one of two goats which pulled Thor’s chariot.

Legend has it that Thor would regularly feast upon his goats for sustenance and when he’d had his fill, he would use Mjolnir to bring them back to life.

Available in 27 sizes, which also includes half and quarter sizes, you’ll be able to find that perfect fit.

While it could be considered a statement piece, you’d be able to wear it every day as it’s not going to draw too much attention.


Color : Bronze   Weight : 0.74 oz or 21,0 g   

Materials : Italian Bronze (Lead, cadmium and nickel free)

Made In Ukraine