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Thor's Hammer Bronze Mjolnir Wooden Style Pendant

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🗡 Authentic Viking symbol of protection

🗡 Represents Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor, the god of thunder

🗡 Cast to resemble wood, as many Vikings would have worn this symbol in wood

🗡 Made in high-quality Italian Bronze by expert craftsmen

Many Vikings of all classes wore the symbol of Mjolnir as a symbol of strength, and to call down the protection of Thor, the god of Thunder.

Thor was the protector of mankind, and used his hammer to ensure that the chaotic forces of the giants did not encroach on the world of men. He was also the ideal warrior, which all Vikings aspired to emulate.

Hundreds of Mjolnir amulets made in a variety of precious metals have survived until the modern-day. This shows that Thor's hammer was the most popular symbol worn by the Vikings.

And it was not just the elite who would have worn this symbol case in precious metals. Poorer Vikings would also have worn the symbol, made from other materials, such as wood.

 This bronze pendant made by our craftsmen is a classic Viking Mjolnir symbol, cast to look as though it was carved from wood. It is the perfect amulet for your every day Viking. Not a king or a chieftain, but an every day man or woman with a warrior spirit.

Color : Bronze  Weight : 18g  Size : 45 x 35 x 9 mm

Made In Ukraine