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Thorvald Leather Bracelet


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💎Genuine Viking symbol's of Mjolnir and the raven of Odin
💎Secure closure to keep the bracelet in place
💎Made by expert craftsmen using the best materials
💎Can be used as a pendant

What does this jewelry represent ?

This leather and bronze Thor's Hammer bracelet is named for Thorvald Eriksson, the son of Erik the Red.

He was a Viking explorer thought to have been part of the first Viking expedition to the Americas, and also thought to be the first European to die on American soil.

As well as being made from the kind of leather that you could imagine on the wrist of a Viking sailor, this bracelet uses symbols that would have been meaningful to Thorvald.

Mjolnir was the symbol of the god Thor, who used the hammer to protect mankind.

As well as being their protector, as the god of Thunder, Thor was also a weather god, which would have made him particularly important to sailors venturing out onto the open sea.

The hammer's handle bears the face of a raven, a symbol of the god Odin in his guise as the god of wisdom (rather than war). While Viking sailors needed to be strong and brave, they also needed to be wise, in order to navigate at sea and survive in foreign lands.

Invoke the spirit of adventurers like Thorvald with this distinctive leather and bronze piece.

Color : Brown + Bronze or Black + Bronze Silvered   Closure : Refined Mjölnir   Size Hammer: 3,7cm х 2,8cm

Materials : Spanish leather cord, 3mm. Italian silver plated bronze (Copper 88%, Tin 12%) or bronze. ​​ ​Lead, cadmium and nickel free.

 Made In Ukraine

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