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Triquetra Mammen Style Nordic Bronze Ring


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Triquetra Mammen Style Nordic Bronze Ring


💎 Authentic Norse Triquetra associated with Seidr magic
💎 Uses authentic Viking Mammen design style
💎 Made from top-quality bronze
💎 handcrafted


What does this jewelry represent?

This signet ring is perfect for anyone who feels the pull of Viking Seidr magic or Norse mysticism.


The Triquetra is a common symbol in many cultures, and is usually associated with mysticism and the magical arts. This is also true if the Vikings.


The Triquetra may also be associated with Odin, who is connected with many trinity design symbols, such as the Valknut (the symbol of Valhalla) and the Triskelion (the symbol of the Mead of Poetry).


This ring uses a classic Norse-style Triquetra as its signet, and places it in a striking setting that uses the Mammen artistic style. Mammen art was popular in Denmark at the end of the 10th century.


Like most Viking art, it elongates the bodies of animals to incredible lengths, and then intertwines the body to create striking patterns.


This is the perfect peace for a modern Viking mystic.


Color : Bronze Weight : 11g

Materials : Bronze

Made In Ukraine