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Triskel Oval Belt Buckle


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Triskel Oval Belt Buckle

💎 Triskelion symbol linked to Odin
💎 Relates to the story of the Mead of Poetry
💎 Symbol for writers and performers
💎 Handmade by expert craftsmen

The Triskelion is one of the many symbols associated with Odin, the All-Father, and the most important Norse deity. He is the god of war, wisdom, writing, witchcraft, wanderers, and warriors.

The Triskelion is linked with the story of Odin stealing the Mead of Poetry from the giants. It represents the three great horns that were set up in Asgard to store the potent liquid. During his escape with the precious prize, some of the liquid fell into Midgard, granting many men power over the spoken word.

The Triskelion is a symbol for writers and performers who are dedicated to Odin.

0,89 g

8 cm x 6 cm

Made in Spain