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Triskel Spiral Bronze Pendant

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🗡 Authentic Viking symbol

🗡 Represents knowledge, wisdom, and communication

🗡 Handmade by expert craftsmen

🗡 Made in high-quality Bronze

The triskelion, a popular symbol in many cultures, represented wisdom and the ability to clearly articulate ideas in Norse culture. It represents the story of Odin, the king of the Aesir gods, and the mean of poetry.

At the end of a war between the Aesir gods and the Vanir gods, they sealed their peace treaty by intermingling their saliva. Believing that the divine saliva should not be wasted, they used it to make a being Kvasir, who was the wisest of all being, even wiser than the gods.

The dwarves were always looking for special ingredients to make magical creations, and two dwarves tricked and killed Kvasir, and used his blood to make the Mead of Poetry, which they stored in three great horns. But even a sip of the mead would give someone complete command of the spoken word.

As generally happens in Norse myths, the giants took the mean from the dwarves and placed it in a heavily guarded space. But this was not enough to deter Odin, who would do anything to obtain wisdom. He tricked his way into the giant stronghold and drank all three horns of the mead.

Odin escaped in the form of a bird and, very full of mead, he urinated a bit while flying over the world of men. This mead imbued urine mixed with other liquids, and made its way into the mouths of men, giving some of them command of the spoken word as well.

This is a complex story about knowledge, greed, and bodily functions, but the triskelion represents knowledge, wisdom, and a silver tongue. Invoke its power for yourself with this striking bronze pendant.

Color : Bronze  Weight : 11g  Size : 30 x 30 x 3 mm

Made In Ukraine