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Triskele Circle Sterling Silver Pendant


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💎Authentic Norse symbolism
💎The triskelion represents Odin as the god of poetry
💎The runic circle also represents Odin as the god of the runes
💎Made from quality sterling silver 925 by expert craftsmen
💎Hole 2.5mm

Pendant sold alone, perfect fit with :

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What does this jewelry represent ?

This stunning silver pendant is sacred to Odin in his guise as the god of wisdom, poetry, and the patron of the great communicator of the world.

The triskelion, the three interlocking horns, is a direct reference to the Odin as the god of poetry.

It refers to the story in which Odin tricks the giants in order to drink the entire contents of the three drinking horns of the Mead of Poetry. Odin then shared some of the knowledge that he gained with mankind.

The triskelion is surrounded by a runic circle. Odin hung himself from the tree of life for nine days and nine nights in order to gain knowledge of the runes. Again, he shared that knowledge with mankind.

This is the perfect piece if you want to honor and invoke Odin not only as the god of war, but in his guise of as the god of wisdom, poetry, and the written and spoken word.

Color : Silver  Size : approx. 1-1/8" (28mm) in diameter Weight : 6gr

Materials : Sterling Silver 925