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Triskelion Symbol Sterling Silver Ring


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Triskelion Symbol Sterling Silver Ring

💎 Triskelion symbol of natural magic
💎 Used in Celtic and Viking culture
💎 Associated with Freyja and teh Vanir gods
💎 Handcrafted in sterling silver

What does this jewelry represent?

While the Aesir gods of Viking religion represented characteristics such as war, kingship, and social order, the Vanir gods were more closely connected with the power of nature and also natural magic practices.

The triskelion is associated with natural magic in both Viking and Celtic cultures. This stunning piece is ideal for anyone who identifies with the practice of witchcraft.

Freyja was the Vanir goddess considered most adept at Viking Seidr magic. In fact, when she went to live in Asgard as a hostage after the Aesir-Vanir war, she even taught the art to Odin, the king of the Aesir gods and the Viking god of war and wisdom.

Color : Silver   Weight : 10g   

Materials : 925 sterling silver

Made In Ukraine