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Tyr Rune Stone Sterling Silver Pendant


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💎 Viking rune of Justice
💎 Sacred to the warrior god Tyr
💎 Striking but minimalist design
💎 Finest quality sterling silver
💎Hole 2.5mm

Pendant only. Matches perfectly with:

➡ Genuine Leather Cord: Here

➡ Fine Sterling Silver Chain: Here

What does this jewelry represent?

This striking sterling silver pendant features the Tiwaz rune from the Viking runic alphabet.
This rune represents the T sound in Elder Futhark and also represents the concept of justice.
It is linked with the god Tyr, a warrior god among the Aesir associated with justice and doing what is right.
There is some evidence to suggest that Tyr was the most important god in the Norse pantheon in pre-Viking times, but was superseded by Odin.
Tyr is most well known for sacrificing his arm in order to imprison the mighty wolf Fenrir.
He did it to help his people, but also as just payment for the trick that the Aesir played on the wolf. Read more about the story here.
This rune amulet is fit for a modern Viking warrior who also believes in justice and doing what is right, even when it requires sacrifice.

Color : Silver   Weight : 4g   Size : 25x15 mm

Materials :Sterling Silver 925