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Unique Plum Wood Viking Wolf Head Pendant Style 1

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Unique Plum Wood Viking Wolf Head Pendant

💎 Unique handcrafted pendant in Plum
💎 Wolf head, powerful and potent Viking symbol
💎 Most challenging characteristics that we need to master

Each piece in this collection is totally unique. It is not possible to get 2 pendants 100% identical. Each product is worked from a piece of wood for several hours by our partner Woodzard especially for VKNG.

This handcrafted wooden pendant features a wolf head decorated in Norse patterns. Wolves represented the most powerful forces in nature that should be both feared and respected.

The most famous Norse wolf is Fenrir, one of the children of Loki. The gods so feared this wolf that the gods chained him up with an enchanted unbreakable chain on a deserted island. He will only break his chains at Ragnarok, when he will devour much of the world and kill even Odin himself.

Odin, the chief god in the Viking pantheon, was also always accompanied by two wolves, Geri (greed) and Freki (ravenous). These represent powerful characteristics that Odin has within himself which must be controlled and harnessed.

Size 4,5x4 cm

Work Time : 4h

Wood : Plum