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Unique Plum Wood Wolves in Love Triquetra Pendant


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Unique Plum Wood Wolves in Love Triquetra Pendant

💎 Unique handcrafted wooden pendant in plum
💎 Triquetra symbol of natural magic
💎 Wolves, a symbol of our most volatile characteristics
💎 Sacred to Odin, the All-Father

Each piece in this collection is totally unique. It is not possible to get 2 pendants 100% identical. Each product is worked from a piece of wood for several hours by our partner Woodzard especially for VKNG.

This handcrafted wooden pendant features a Triquetra enclosed by two wolf heads. 

The Triquetra is a symbol of natural magic and witchcraft. In the Viking world, this is associated with Odin, who is a master of Norse Seidr magic.

Wolves represented the most dangerous and powerful forces in nature. They were to be both feared and respected. Odin was always accompanied by two wolves, Geri (greed) and Freki (ravenous). These represented Odin's most challenging characteristics. They were a source of intense strength for the god, but which needed to be controlled.

Odin was the most important Viking diety. He was a creator god and the ancestor of many of the Aesir gods. He was the god of war, wisdom, writing, wanderers, witchcraft, and Valhalla.

Size 4,5x4,5 cm

Work Time : 6h

Wood : Plum