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Unique Walnut Wood Wolf and Triskelion Pendant


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Unique Walnut Wood Wolf and Triskelion Pendant

💎 Unique handcrafted wooden pendant in Walnut
💎 Wolf, powerful force of nature to be respected
💎 Triskelion, symbol of Odin the All-Father

Each piece in this collection is totally unique. It is not possible to get 2 pendants 100% identical. Each product is worked from a piece of wood for several hours by our partner Woodzard especially for VKNG.

This wooden pendant features a howling wolf marked with Triskelion symbol.

Wolves were considered among the most dangerous creatures in the Norse world. They represent powerful natural forces to be respected, but also potentially harnessed.

Odin, the All-Father, was always accompanied by two wolves, Geri (greed) and Freki (ravenous). They represent elements of Odin's character that are a source of strength, but that he also needs to control.

The Triskelion is also a symbol of Odin, representing the three horns in which Odin stored the Mead of Poetry after he stole it from the giants on his unending quest for knowledge. His ravenous greed drove him on this quest.


Size 5x3 cm

Work Time : 2h

Wood : Walnut