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Uvard Bracelet


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This product is made on demand, wich implies a delay of 7/10 working days for crafting before shipment

💎Soft cotton rope
💎Solid black lava stones
💎 Italian silver-plated bronze axe symbol
💎Loop closure

What does this jewelry represent ?

The striking blue cotton rope really stands out against the black lava stones in this bracelet.

It’s the perfect accessory to wear with both modern day clothing and maybe historical dress if you are a reenactor.

The axe wasn’t just used as a weapon in Viking times. While the bearded axe was good in battle, particularly at bringing an enemy’s shield down, it could also be used for chopping wood or killing livestock.

The silver axe symbol in the bracelet really finishes this piece off and adds a lovely Norse touch. 

Color : Blue / Black / Brown  Closure : Axe   Size : 1.34" х 1.1" or 3,4cm x 2,8cm

Materials : European Cotton, Lavastones. Italian Silver Plated Bronze

    SIZE In Cm
    S 6 - 6,5 15 - 16
    M 7 - 7,5 17 - 18
    L 8 - 8,5 19 - 20
    XL 9 - 9,5 21 - 22
    XXL 10 - 10,5 23 - 24