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Valknut Clasp Leather Bracelet Bronze

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šŸ—”AuthenticĀ symbol found throughout the Viking world

šŸ—”Representative of the Viking warrior spirit and ethos

šŸ—”Modern but authentically Viking design

šŸ—”Made using the highest quality materials by expert craftsmen


The ultimate desire for any Viking warrior was to die in battle and be taken to Valhalla to live with the gods, until they are called upon to fight again at the end of days.

This was one of the foundational beliefs of the distinctive Viking warrior culture of conquest and fearlessness.

The Vulknut symbol embodies this Viking ideal and belief.

The modern Norwegian word for the symbol means knot of slain warriors, and the distinctive image of three interlocking triangles is only found in the Viking world in association with the dead and Odin, the king of the Norse gods and the overseer of Valhalla.

It is believed that the Valknut was used to mark the dead out as brave warriors, and therefore clearly dwelling in Valhalla.

It may also have been used to encourage the Valkyries to come for the deceased, and prevent other entities from coming and taking them to Helheim, the other Viking realm of the dead.

The Valknut is a quintessential symbol of the Viking warrior ethos.

Mark your allegiance to this way of life with this subtle but distinctive leather bracelet with bronze Valknut symbol.


ColorĀ :Ā BlackSmooth Leather Cord,Ā BrownSmooth Leather Cord,Ā WhiteBraided Leather Cord

Ornament SizeĀ : 0,78" orĀ 2 cm

MaterialsĀ : Italian Bronze