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Valknut Odin's Spear Gungnir Sterling Silver

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🗡Detailed spearhead design

🗡Authentic Viking Valknut symbol

🗡Highest quality sterling silver 

👉This product also exists in Bronze

Odin was the patron of the Viking warrior.

The god of war and wisdom, Odin carried a spear, Gungnir, made for him by the dwarves, which was so well balanced that it never missed its mark. Viking warriors would sometimes throw their spears over the heads of their enemies to dedicate their souls to Odin, and call down Odin's help in the battle.

Warriors who died bravely on the battlefield were taken to Valhalla, the hall of Odin, where they would feast and fight until Ragnarok, when they would be called on again to fight alongside the king of the gods.

The symbol of Valhalla was the Valknut, three interlocking triangles found in Norse sites across Europe.

This pendant invokes Odin using these two powerful symbols, the spear and the Valknut.

Show your credentials as a warrior of Odin with this finely made sterling silver amulet.


Color : Silver   Weight : 0.42oz or 12,0 g   Size :1.46" х 0.83" or 3,7cm x 2,1cm

Necklace length: 60 Centimeters

The pendant can accept a necklace up to 0,13" or 3,5mm in diameter.

Materials : Metal: Sterling Silver 925

Made In Ukraine