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Valknut Silver signet ring


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💎Authentic Viking symbol of the fallen Viking warriors in Valhalla
💎Genuine Younger Futhark runic alphabet used by the Vikings
💎Signet ring representing both the bravery and the wisdom of the Vikings
💎Made from the highest quality sterling silver


What does this jewelry represent ?

The Valknut, the distinctive symbol of three interlocking triangles found across the Norse world, was the symbol of the Viking warrior.

The word Valknut means knot of fallen warriors and was often associated with the dead. It is believed to have indicated that the deceased was now among the warrior living in Valhalla, the hall of Odin.

There was no greater honor for a Viking warrior than to die bravely on the battlefield and be taken to Valhalla.

But as well as being courageous in the face of death, Viking warriors had to be intelligent.

It was often their superior technology and tactics that gave them the advantage over their neighbors.

Odin, the king of the Viking gods, was the god of wisdom as well as war.

No symbol greater encapsulates the wisdom of Odin and the Vikings than the runes.

Odin hung himself from Yggdrasil, the tree of life, for nine days and nine nights in order to gain knowledge of the runes, which he then shared with mankind.

So this intricately designed sterling silver ring makes the perfect signet for a Viking warrior.

It combines a symbol of a warrior's courage, the Valknut, with a symbol of the warrior's wisdom, the runes. Make this symbol your own.


Color : Silver  Weight : 8,0 g  Size: Frontal Width approx. 5/8" (16mm).

Materials : Silver Sterling 925