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Valknut Symbol Raven Style Sterling Silver Ring


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Valknut Symbol Raven Style Sterling Silver Ring

💎 Valknut, the symbol of Valhalla, Odin's hall of warriors in Asgard
💎 All Viking warriors aspire to be brave enough to be chosen for Valhalla
💎 Raves, the familiars of Odin
💎 Handcrafted in sterling silver

What does this jewelry represent?

It was tha ambition of all Viking warriors to earn their way to Valhalla. This is the hall of Odin in Asgard. He selected only the bravest warriors that fell in battle to feast at his table. Those who are chosen are destined to live in Valhalla until Ragnarok, when they will be called upon to fight alongside the gods in the final battle.

The Valknut was the symbol of Valhalla. It is only every found in relation to Odin and the dead. It may have been used to represent that the fallen warrior is in Valhalla, or to call Odin to come and take them.

This stunning sterling silver ring takes the Valknut as its signet. The band is decorated with two ravens, familiars of Odin. Seeing ravens near the battlefield was considered a good sign as it mean that Odin and his Valkyries were nearby to choose from among the dead.

This ring is the perfect piece for modern warriors who are also seeking Valhalla.

Color : Silver   Weight : 13g   

Materials : 925 sterling silver

Made In Ukraine