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Helm of Awe Futhark Circle Sterling Silver Pendant

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🗡Genuine Nordic magical symbol

🗡Wayfinding rune to help you find your path

🗡Intricate and carefully executed design

🗡Made from high-quality sterling silver

Odin, the Norse god of wisdom, hung himself from the world tree Yggdrasil for nine days and nine nights while pierced by his own spear in order to learn the secrets of the runes.

The runes were more than just an alphabet, they were a tool for working powerful magic for those who knew how to use them.

Runes could not only describe the world, but could also be used to shape it.

Some of the rune magic of the Vikings has come down to us over the ages through the Icelandic grimoires.

These magical books preserve a number of staves based on the runes that had magical properties.

One of the most interesting of these symbols was Vegvisir, also known as the Viking compass.

According to the grimoires, a person carrying the Vegvisir rune would always be able to find their way, even if they do not know where they were going.

This applied to travels at land and sea, but also individuals on a spiritual journey, or just looking to forge the right path through life.

Bring this potent magical symbol into your own life with this striking sterling silver pendant.

It places the genuine Vegvisir magical stave, taken from the Icelandic grimoires, within a circle of the magical runes.

Always find your way with this symbol around your neck. 

 Color : Silver  Weight :7gr

Size : approx. 1-3/16" (29mm) in diamete

Materials : 925 Sterling Silver