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Vegvisir Futhark Circle Sterling Silver Pendant


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💎Authentic magical stave from the Icelandic grimoires
💎Wayfinding symbol that offers guidance
💎Based on genuine Viking rune magic
💎Finest craftsmanship
💎Hole 2.5mm

Pendant sold alone, perfect fit with :

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What does this jewelry represent ?

The Vikings believed that their alphabet, the Futhark runes, could do more than just describe the world. In the hands of a runemaster, they could also shape existence.

Some knowledge of Viking rune magic has come down to us today through the Icelandic grimoires, a series of 18th-century magical texts.

Here the runes are fused together into magical staves designed for different purposes.

One of the most potent of these staves is Vegvisir, also called the Norse compass.

It is a wayfinding rune. Using it ensures that you will never lose your way, even if you don't know where you are going.

It has become a potent symbol among modern believers for both physical and spiritual journeys.

This striking sterling silver pendant places an authentic reproduction of Vegvisir within a circle of the Futhark runic alphabet, which points to the source of the stave's power.

This is the ideal symbol for modern-day Vikings looking for guidance, to invoke the power of the runes, and celebrate Viking beliefs.

Color : Silver   Weight : 7g   Size : 1-3/16" (29mm) in diameter

Materials : Sterling Silver 925