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Vegvisir Viking Wooden Watch


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Vegvisir Viking Wooden Watch

These stunning watches are made for those who want functional jewelry that also reflects their Viking spirit.

This particular watch features Vegvisir on its face. Also known as the Norse Compass, this is one of the magical symbols found in the Icelandic grimoires. If you use the symbol, you will never lose your way, even if you don't know where you are going.

The magical runic stave is surrounded by a ring of the Viking runes, both an alphabet and a magical toolkit for shaping fate among the Vikings. There is also a small axe symbol on the watch band just under the watch face.

You can have your watch engraved with a personal message for no extra charge on the back of the watch under the delicate axe symbol. Make it a dedication to Odin or mark a personal moment or memory.

Comes with a small wooden comb featuring the Valknut, the symbol of Valhalla, and the two ravens of Odin.

It also comes in a gift box elaborately carved with a scene of Heimdall, the Guadian of Asgard, looking out over the rainbow bridge and watching for Ragnarok. His famous horn sits at his side.

Watch Specifications

Face Size
- Sapphire glass

- Body size 45 mm
- Dial size 34,5 mm
- Depth of dial for engraving 2.5 mm
- Thickness 12.5 mm
Bracelet Size
- Bracelet thickness 6 mm
- Bracelet length 24 mm ( additional extra 2 links)
Watch Material
- Natural bog oak 1300-2000 years, black version
- Grenadil wood – African black wood
- Walnut burl, 15 years old
- Stainless automatic butterfly buckets
- Special tool to resize bracelet
- Special designed wooden box, bog oak

We warrant and guarantee that you will receive an amazing item and that there will be no defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 30 days from the date of original purchase or we will issue an exchange for a new product.

● Engraving is FREE OF CHARGE
● Custom engraving will make your purchase non-refundable
● Limit to 10 words due to small space
● Please leave us a note about your engraving text in the note section at cart.

Made in Ukraine