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Vendel Era Turtle Bronze Brooch x2


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Vendel Era Turtle Bronze Brooch x2

💎 Pair of authentic turtle style brooches
💎 Dates from the Vendel er, 540-790 AD
💎 Geometric shapes form elaborate patterns
💎 Handmade in fine bronze

What does this jewelry represent?

Brooches were an essential item of Viking clothing. In the time before buttons and zippers, brooches were used to secure dresses, cloaks, and other items. The Vikings put a lot of energy into designing attractive brooches that reflected their culture and beliefs.

This pair of turtle-style bronze brooches are inspired by items found in rich boat inhumation in Uppland in Sweden. The pieces date from the pre-Viking period from around 540-790.

Geometric patterns and intersecting lines form elaborate shapes. On each brooch, there is a place where two circles and a triangle form what looks to be a face. This is how Odin, the All-Father and most important Norse deity, is often represented.

Color : Bronze  Weight : 34,0 g (each) Size : 6x4cm (each)

Materials : Bronze

Made In Spain