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Viking Ax Bronze Pendant

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This product also exists in Sterling Silver 925

💎Power of warriors
💎Combines distinct Nordic features to create a unique aesthetic
💎Handmade by expert craftsmen
💎Made in high quality Italian Bronze

Pendant sold alone, perfect fit with :

➡Genuine Leather Cord : Here

➡Fine Sterling Silver Chain : Here

What does this jewelry represent ?

The axe is probably the most representative weapon of the Viking age. It was used by everyone, from farmers to warriors, and made the fame and wealth of these people during their famous raids.

There are many variations of the Viking axe. Sometimes very simple, sometimes very decorated, it is an object of pride.

The ancient Viking kings liked to have their axes decorated with mammen and gilding motifs to show their power and rank.

The axe as a symbol represents the strength and audacity of the Viking ancestors who managed to make faraway lands tremble with this weapon practically unknown by their enemies.

This large Italian bronze axe represents the head of a massive and powerful two-handed axe.

The significant single-edged axe of this era, the vikings using the curvature of the axe to bring their enemies to the ground or towards them.

Color : Bronze  Weight : 0.81 oz or 23,1 g  Size : 1.57" х 1.05 " or 4 cm x 2,6 cm

Materials : Italian Bronze (Copper 88%, Tin 12%)

Made in Ukraine