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Viking Axe with Runes Paracord Bracelet Sterling Silver

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💎Symbol of the Viking way of life
💎Decorated in genuine Mammen style
💎Secure closure to keep the bracelet in place
💎Made with quality materials and construction that will last

What does this jewelry represent ?

The ax is the quintessential symbol of the Vikings, and every Viking, man or woman, would have carried an ax on their belt. They were not only used for battle, but also a tool for daily tasks.

It is difficult for modern-day Vikings to carry an ax with them today, but you can still carry this Viking energy with you with this sterling silver ax head bracelet.

Silver was the most popular precious metal among the Vikings, and this ax head in decorated in genuine Mammen style, popular among the Vikings in the late 10th century.

The bracelet is secured with strong paracord, doted with some of the runic symbols used by the Vikings.

To the Vikings, the runes were more than an alphabet, but a set of magical symbols for those who know how to use them.

Silver weight : 12g Dimensions : 170 x 10 x 5 mm

Color :Black / Coyote / Green / Purple / Red / Red and Grey

Materials : 925 sterling silver

Made In Ukraine

In Cm
6.3 16
6.7 17
8.3 21
8.7 22

Rune Meaning
Gebo Gift
Wynn Joy
Jera Harvest
Eiwaz Yew-Tree
Algiz Elk
Sol Sun
Tiwaz God Tiwaz
Berkanan Birch
Ehwaz Horse
Mannaz Man
Eiwaz Yew-Tree
Iaguz Water/Lake
Ingwaz God Ingwaz
Odal Heritage
Dagaz Day
Fehu Wealth
Uruz Water/Slag
Thurisaz God Thor
Ansuz Æsir
Raido Journey
Kaunan Torch