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Handcrafted Viking Armring with Dragon's Head and Runic Inscription

Handcrafted Viking Armring with Dragon's Head and Runic Inscription

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  • Classic torque style Viking arm ring
  • Designed to represent Jormungandr, the Midgard Serpent
  • Includes runic inscription: "Odin bless these runes, Hail Odin."
  • High-quality pewter that is adjustable
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Description : What does this product represent?

Armrings were popular in the Viking world, and this Vikings-inspired design is a rune inscribed armring that ends in two dragon heads.

The dragon of Norse mythology was Jormungandr, a giant sea serpent. He is one of the three children of Loki and the giantess Angrboda. When he was just a small snake, the gods so feared his potential destructive power that they threw him into the waters that surround Midgard.

There, the serpent grew to such an enormous size that he can encircle the entire world and hold his own tail in his mouth. It is destined to drop his tail at Ragnarok when Jormungandr will fight to the death with Thor. But before he dies, he will spew his venom into the world, poisoning it.

Jormungandr represents the things that men and gods fear the most. But fears must be faced head-on. Otherwise, they have a tendency to grow and become more formidable.

The band of the armring has a runic inscription that reads "Odin bless these runes. Hail Odin".

It was Odin who discovered the secrets of the runes by hanging himself from Yggdrasil for nine days and nights, pierced by his own spear. He shared their secrets with mankind. As well as being an alphabet, when used properly, they could change the world. Just invoking Odin with the runes could have a powerful magical effect.

This arm ring is designed to be flexible so that you can open it to put it on and then squeeze it close to tighten it around your wrist. Don't be surprised to hear a quiet crackling sound, but do avoid opening and closing the bracelet excessively.

SKU : BP67

Additional Informations

Material: Pewter (Tin), free of lead, calcium, and nickel

Size: 16-22cm

Made in Ukraine

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