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Viking Sword and Scandinavian Bead Norse Bracelet


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Viking Sword and Scandinavian Bead Norse Bracelet

💎 Inspired by the Ulfberht swords
💎 Weapon wielded by wealthy Viking warriors
💎 Appropriate to remember a fallen warrior
💎 Detailed craftsmanship

What does this jewelry represent?

While it may be an axe that springs to mind when you think of a Viking warrior, swords were the most coveted weapons among the Viking.

Swords were expensive to have made, so only seasoned warriors that had several raids under their belts could afford one.


During the Viking age, the best swords available were Ulfberht swords. Bladesmiths who knew how to make these find weapons would inscribe this name on them as a sign of their quality.

This bracelet uses a replica of an Ulfberht sword as its clasp, with the blade inscribed with the first few letters of the name in runes.

But the sword is broken, suggesting that it belongs to a fallen warrior. Vikings would often break the blades of the swords that they buried with the dead to discourage grave robbing for these valuable weapons.

This is an ideal piece to remember an important fallen warrior in your life.

Color : Black, Blue Silvered Bronze or Green, Brown Bronze

Materials : BRACELET : Smooth Leather / Braided Leather

Made In Ukraine

S 6 - 6,5 15 - 16
M 7 - 7,5 17 - 18
L 8 - 8,5 19 - 20
XL 9 - 9,5 21 - 22
XXL 10 - 10,5 23 - 24