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Vilfrid Bracelet

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🗡Detailed axe clasp, representing the ultimate Viking weapon

🗡Algiz rune details for strength and protection

🗡Marks the wearer out as a warrior protected by Odin

🗡Made by expert craftsmen from high-quality materials


When we think of a Viking warrior, we think of a brave (and bearded) Norseman tumbling bravely into battle with his axe in hand.

The axe was the weapon of the Vikings. Almost every Viking, man or woman, would have carried a small axe on their belt for daily tasks, and Viking warriors carried fearsome double-headed axes into battle.

This stylish brown leather bracelet is closed with a Viking double axe, making it a symbol of a Viking warrior.

The axe is also inscribed with a number of Algiz runes on the neck and head.

As well as making a "z" sound in the Old Norse runic alphabet, the Algiz rune was a symbol of strength and protection.

For a Viking, it represented the protection that the god of war Odin gave to the strong.

This bracelet is the perfect way to way to mark out your affiliation with the Viking way of life and celebrate your own Viking warrior spirit.


Color : Dark Red  Closure : Double Axe

Materials : BRACELET : Italian Leather

Made In Ukraine


S 6 - 6,5 15 - 16
M 7 - 7,5 17 - 18
L 8 - 8,5 19 - 20
XL 9 - 9,5 21 - 22
XXL 10 - 10,5 23 - 24