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Wolf Fenrir Bronze Head

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This product also exists in Sterling Silver 925

Wolves play a vital role in northern mythology, they are both allies and enemies of the gods.

Fenrir is the wolf god of destruction, son of Loki.
Probably the most powerful wolf in the universe.
For this reason, and out of fear, he was chained with Gleipnir a magical bond.

Legend has it that he will free himself on the day of the Ragnarok, when his children Hati and Skoll will have succeeded in destroying the moon and the sun, plunging the universe into darkness and that he will kill Odin the Allfather.

This solid bronze pendant is full of energy.
Fenrir's representation is dynamic and aggressive, emphasizing the ferocity of the god of destruction.
The design is massive to match what it represents.

🗡 Strong construction and quality materials make for lasting durability
🗡 Distinctly Nordic Design
🗡 Handmade by expert craftsmen
🗡 Made in High quality Italian Bronze


Color : Bronze  Weight : 0.56 oz or 16,0 g  Size : 1,3" х 0,67" or 3,2cm x 1,7cm

Materials : Italian Bronze

Made In Ukraine


*pendant sold alone, without leather cord.

Leather Cord : Here