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Wolf Head Silver Sterling Ring


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💎Genuine Viking symbolism
💎Invoke the power and inevitability of chaos
💎Detailed and authentic Norse style artwork and design
💎High-quality genuine sterling silver  


What does this jewelry represent ?

Wolves are some of the most important animals in Norse mythology.

The fierce giantess Angrboda was the head of a wolf pack, and one of her children with the trickster Loki was the mighty wolf Fenrir.

The Aesir gods so feared the power and strength of Fenrir that they tricked him and shackled him on an isolated island where he could do no harm.

But he will play an important role in Ragnarok, the end of days.

According to the prophecy, two wolf children of Fenrir, Skoll and Hati, chase the sun and moon through the sky.

When they finally catch their prey, Ragnarok will begin. Fenrir will break his chains and run through the cosmos, devouring everything in his path.

He will also devour Odin himself before he is stopped.

Thus, wolves represented the forces of chaos, but the Vikings recognised that chaos was an essential part of life.

Odin himself is always accompanied by two wolf companions, Geri (greed) and Freki (ravenous).

As such, they represent the darker side of the guide, the chaotic elements of his character that nevertheless accompany him through life.

Pay respect to the chaotic forces of the universe and within yourself with this Vikings style wolf head ring. Embrace the power, the strength and the inevitability of chaos!


Color : Silver  Weight : 10,0 g Size : Frontal Diameter approx. 5/8" (15mm)

Materials : Sterling Silver 925