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Yggdrasil Mammen Style Sterling Silver

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🗡Authentic Urnes-style Viking design

🗡Yggdrasil as a powerful symbol of the interconnectivity of life

🗡Craftsmanship with attention to detail

🗡Highest quality sterling silver

⚠ Made On Demand 

Yggdrasil, also known as the Tree of Life, is what held the Norse cosmos together.

The nine worlds described in Norse mythology all say among her branches and roots. Yggdrasil was the road that connected these worlds.

As the centre of the Norse universe, the Norns, the fates in Norse mythology, sat at the base of Yggdrasil and wrote the fate of men by writing runes into the bark of the tree.

Yggdrasil was the life force that connected the Norse universe, as was also a symbol that everything is connected, and that all actions have consequences.

Embrace this potent Viking idea as a symbol as your own membership of the modern Viking clan with this high-quality signet ring.

The symbol of Yggdrasil is delivered in an authentic Urnes-style design that was popular in the latter part of the Viking period. The result is an authentic and potent Viking piece.


All our rings are manufactured on request. Delivery times can extend up to 2 weeks.

Color : Silver  Weight : approx. 15 - 16 g The weight of the ring depends on its size

Materials : 925 silver, sterling silver

Made In Ukraine