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Yggdrasil Runic Circle Sterling Silver


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💎Authentic Norse magical symbol for guidance
💎Polished shiny finish
💎Linked with ideas of interconnectivity, fate, and taking control of your destiny
💎Made from quality materials and a finely made cast 
💎Hole 2.5mm

Pendant sold alone, perfect fit with :

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➡King Sterling Silver Chain : Here

What does this jewelry represent ?

Yggdrasil sat at the centre of the Norse cosmos. It was the tree of life in which all the realms of Norse myth were held.

Asgard, the world of the gods, Midgard, the world of men, Jotunheim, the realm of the giants, and Helheim, the land of the dead, were all connected to one another through the branches of Yggdrasil.

It represents the interconnectedness of all things in life.

Yddgrasil was also at the centre of knowledge and fate.

Odin hung himself from Yggdrasil for nine days and nine nights pierced by his own spear in order to gain knowledge of the runes.

For teh Vikings, the runes not only represented reality, but had the magical power to shape reality.

Thus, the Norns, the Norse fates, carved runes onto Yggdrasil to write the fates of men.

The Norse tree of life is a potent symbol of the interconnectedness of all things in life.

All things are connect to one another, and as they intermingle, fate unfolds.

This does not mean that we are powerless to shape our own destiny.

If, like Odin, we seek knowledge and wisdom, we can use the runes to change the course of fate.

This high-quality silver pendent depicts Yddgrasil, the heart of the Norse universe, surrounded by the runes, the heart of Norse knowledge and fate.

Incorporate these powerful symbols into your style with this distinctive pendant.

Color : Silver   Weight : 8 g   Size : 1-1/2" (38mm) in diameter

 Materials : Sterling Silver 925